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Living up to its name – The Amazed pipe by Red Eye

For the discerning smoker, the one who like a cool satisfying smoke, the Amazed pipe by Red Eye is a perfect choice. This pipe can be regarded as the premium deluxe pocket pipe in the smoking products market and has a system that works by directing the smoke through Red Eye’s unique 320mm journey in the “maze”. This takes out the tar in the product which ensures that not only is the smoke cleaner, but cooler as it reaches the mouthpiece.

The pipe not only will give the user a truly satisfying smoke but is a piece of precision engineering, weighing less than a lighter it looks and feels good and is easily carried in a pocket, handbag or it can be hung from a cord around the neck.

Often this pipe is referred to as the “smokeless pipe” because after you have taken a cool draw on the pipe it only produces smoke when you exhale, it can be immediately put back in your pocket or bag and will not smoulder, until it is time to relight it. Simple to use just unscrew the flame end of the pipe to reveal the 12.5mm gauze set in to the body and fill it with your desired smoking mixture, then screw back onto the body and enjoy.

The Amazed is made from anodized aluminium, is offered by us in six eye catching colours, pink blue purple orange aluminium and black, it has a hard protective coating and it is very easy to unscrew for cleaning.

Amazed Pipe

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