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Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling caught smoking shisha pipe

Footballers have been known to get themselves into situations that can upset managers and officials at their clubs. Being seen coming out of a nightclub at 2am on the day before the match for example is one that occasionally hit the sports pages of a local newspaper, but Liverpool star Raheem Sterling has upset the fans of the club by refusing to commit his future to the club.

He has now further upset the fans and no doubt the management by being caught on camera smoking a shisha pipe. He was seen inhaling from the pipe during a night out with friends. As might be expected in situations such as this the photograph has been seen on social media and this has given a number of Liverpool fans venting their feelings and showing annoyance at the footballer. There were some comments from fans that claimed that the smoking of a Shia pipe was the equivalent of up to 200 cigarettes, we do not know where they got that information.

In the photograph which was seen Sterling was pictured in a white T-shirt with the lettering “1 down, 3 to go”. Some people have come up with the suggestion that this was the number of pipes they intended to smoke. Of course different cultures have some traditions not shared by others, it has to be remembered the Raheem Sterling is Jamaican and smoking of Shisha Pipes is not unusual in that country.

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