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Light up in style with the Prolight Double Jet Lighter

Every smoker knows that you need a decent lighter to be able to enjoy your smoking, and the Prolight Double Jet Lighter is the perfect accessory. With two powerful jet flames, the Prolight Double Jet Lighter can handle any job a standard lighter can’t.

This high tech lighter features 2 jet flames, a fire lock, adjustable flame and flame lock making it one of the most versatile lighters on the market. Whether you need to light a cigar, take a hit from your bong or light some shisha coals, the Prolight Double Jet Lighter is the perfect tool for the job.

Available in three colours, black, white and red, and fully refillable, the Prolight Double Jet Lighter can be yours for just £29.99.

Bomb Lighters Wind Proof Lighters

In the market for a rugged and durable wind-proof lighter that stands out from the crowd? Then look no further than BombLighters. These Zippo-styled lighters have that classic look, but are wind-proof and come with a full lifetime guarantee, meaning that you’ll have it for years to come.

Available in 33 awesome designs, these BombLighters are built to last and use only high quality materials; they also come in a great presentation tin ideal for giving as a present or storing the lighter in when not in use.

Bomb Lighters Wind Proof Lighters are available now from just £6.99 each, so which designs are you going to get? And why not get some Zippo spare flints too, so you can keep this lighter running for much longer.

Dark Star Jet Lighter

Lighting up your favourite Sherlock Holmes briar, or beautifully polished rich, dark wood Brahma Pipe, in the teeth of a gale can be a challenge. This can often involve trying to shelter beneath your coat or crouched furtively in the corner of a doorway, but help is at hand with the Dark Star Jet Lighter, which we have recently introduced to our collection.

The flame is fully adjustable and features a security lock above the handle and it is supplied with a removable stand. Capable of reaching very high temperatures the Dark Star is the perfect lighter for not only lighting up your smoke, but for a host of other tasks such as firing up the barbecue, or wood burning stove, amongst many other household tasks, even your gas cooker if the piezo electric igniter has decided to give up!

The lighter is fuelled with butane and we supply these unfilled, so it will be necessary to fill it before use. The lighter will work at any angle, this makes it particularly useful for lighting bong bowls with the lighter aimed downwards, similarly lighting candles or home aromatherapy burners is a breeze and very easy to light. The Dark Star Jet lighter will also allow you to perfect your culinary skills; getting that crispy top to your crème brûlée will be the envy of your friends.

Because this lighter provides a very high flame and temperature, care should always be taken when igniting, which should be done away from clothing and should always be kept well away from children.

Lite up anywhere with the Arc Flameless Lighter!

You are standing on the wing bridge to give you a good view as your ship comes into the teeth of the gale and just need to light up a cigarette, but naturally the match or lighter does not stand a chance of giving a flame. That was pure Walter Mitty of course, but it is just the same when you are standing outside the coffee shop and you are trying to get a flame for a smoke.

Help is at hand though through the Arc Flameless Lighter, an electronic lighter that uses two electronic arcs which at the push of a button ignite to produce a bare electrical current strong enough to light a candle, cigarette or whatever you like.

This lighter will defy anything that the weather sends, just press the button on the front and in a similar way to a sparking plug the Arc Flameless lighter will light up your cigarette, in any kind of wind storm, and it will take it in its stride. The only thing that it requires is an occasional charging through the USB lead, which is provided, and one charge will be enough to keep you and your friends smoking through plenty of packets of cigarettes before it need topping up from the USB, and it is capable of being charged hundreds of times from any laptop USB Port, or any USB wall charger no butane, no flints, no lighter fuel!

We offer this in either Icy Metallic or Space chrome, complete with micro USB and display box for just 29.99.

Maxim USB Blake Lighter

Many people will remember the time when to light up our pipe or cigarette, a box of matches had to be used, this would provide a flame, unless of course the matches or striking surface was damp! Then along came the petrol lighter, which was fine until it ran out of fuel, or the flint had worn out! Soon after, the gas lighter with electronic ignition put the trusty old petrol lighter to “the sword”, with the exception of the fans of the Zippo of course.

The gas lighter proved to be a huge improvement, although it still needed to be re-fuelled regularly and the “Boffins” began the quest for a lighter which did not rely upon fuel and ignition to light it. This has been achieved with the ground breaking Maxim USB Blake lighter that does not rely on fuel or flints. The “Blake” is a pocket sized lighter which is charged from a computer USB port, it is windproof, and it can be used anywhere, anytime and also at any angle.

Defying the anything that the weather sends, all that has to be done to light up your cigarette is to simply pull down on the front panel, and the electric lighter underneath heats up, allowing you to light up and enjoy your smoke. There are other advantages too; it can be taken along when you fly as it has no fuel, the battery is capable of being charged hundreds of times from any laptop USB Port, or any USB wall charger.

Measuring just approximately 73mm x 25mm x 18mm, the Maxim USB Blake Lighter is offered in three attractive colours, black, silver, or gun metal.

Silver match Roding blow USB lighters

Silver Match told us that these lighters are actually scientific, you believe that if you wish, all of us here think that they are magic, we are sure you will when you use the Silver Match Roding blow USB lighter for the first time.

The first thing that you need to do is fully charge it through the USB port, this is when the magic really begins. To operate first turn it on and to do his you just “blow” yes that’s right blow onto the button in the top left corner, you see it really is magic!

This is when the light turns a nice blue colour and all you have to do is to slide the front screen down the electric windproof lighter will be revealed and will heat up. After you have lit your smoke, simply slide the cover back up and the job is done.

So you might ask, what kind of fuel do I need, well you don’t, we told you it was magic, as we have all found out at some time, flames and wind do not like each other, so we removed the flame. This lighter is windproof and flameless.

We are offering the Silver match Roding blow USB lighters in two designs in blue or black, plain or patterned and they are a hand pocket size too, 71mm x 35mm x 8mm. Grab you piece of magic today.

Silver Match Roding Blow USB Lighters

Light your Cigarette in Style with the Gold Bullion Bar Lighter

It cannot be denied that most people love gold, a famous film was made about it which featured a wonderful cast, Sean Connery as 007, Honor Blackman as Bond girl Pussy Galore, Gert Fröbe as the title character Auric Goldfinger, and we must not forget Goldfinger’s Korean manservant Oddjob played by Harold Sakata. The film cost at the time a massive $3 million, but it did after all gross $124.9 million at the box office.

Buying a gold bar similar to the ones that were featured in this film would set you back a tidy sum of money, but buying our Gold Bullion Bar Lighter will only make a small dent of £5.99 in your budget, but you will look the part as you offer your friends a light for their smoke. Why strike a match when you can strike gold?

The Gold Bullion Bar Lighter certainly looks the part, really big money in fact, as so it should trying to replicate one of the most prized metals on earth. But this Gold Bullion Bar Lighter does not only look good, electronic, gas refillable perfect for cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. Just in case you are wondering, this is a true replica and the gold colour is bright just like the real thing, but this is not made from real gold.

Gold Bullion Bar Lighter

Prolight Triple Pocket Torch

This Prolight torch is really three items in one, the all-important lighter of course but in addition it has its own cigarette holder, as well as a cigar punch. But the lighter is the main feature and it is rather special as it has three flames, this makes it perfect for lighting your shisha charcoal.

Now as we all know the charcoal is an absolute essential part of the shisha experience, one the few things truly setting this pipe apart from virtually every other kind of pipe out there. This is the source of heat which causes the tobacco to produce smoke. However they can be hard to light, but this is made easy with Prolight and it will also light your charcoal barbecue!

Of course sensible precautions are necessary and you should always ignite the torch away from clothing and ensue that the flame is completely extinguished after each use. Whilst this is a child resistant lighter no lighter can be completely childproof, so keep away from children.

Excellent value for this three in one product at £22.99, we offer the Prolight in soft touch black or space chrome.

Prolight Triple Pocket Torch

Prolight Double Jet Lighter

One thing is for sure this lighter will cope with all kinds of conditions, certainly better than a normal lighter would. This beauty has got not just one jet flame but two, and we can tell you that whether it is just to heat up a nail for a dab, light a nice cigar, or to ensure that you can torch your shisha coal, this lighter will do it.

Common sense tell us that you would not let children play with something like this keep it away from them although it is child resistant but remember no lighter is child proof and also when you strike it up, please keep it away from your face and clothing too. Always ensure that the lighter is properly extinguished after use. In common with gas lighters you shouldn’t keep your Prolight Double Jet Lighter for long exposure in the sun, never puncture it or throw it ono the fire, it all makes sense really.

Available from us at just £29.99 in three striking colours, black, red and white, check out the accessories on the page too, perhaps a nice cigar cutter?

Prolight Double Jet Lighter

Petrol Deluxe Metal Clipper Lighter

Many of us are very familiar with the classic Clipper lighter which used butane as its fuel, but now we are able to offer a Clipper of the same design but uses petrol and this has the very distinct advantage of being wind resistant.

Naturally no one would want to lose the legendary Clipper styling and this has been kept for the petrol version, simple to re-fuel with your favourite lighter fuel and as we know the design enables this particular lighter to be far more resistant to the vagaries of the weather than the butane version does.

This new Clipper Metal Petrol Refillable Flip Top Lighter, Comes in Two Designs, Polished and Brushed Chrome, all that you have to do when you receive is to fill it with fuel and you have a great and collectable quality lighter, just as you would expect from Clipper. In keeping with Clipper tradition, the lighter has a removable flint allowing easy replacement; you could if you want use it as a pokey stick!

Just a reminder, this is not a butane lighter, it has a wick, flint and is filled with petrol lighter fuel, a great gift for you or a friend.

Petrol Deluxe Metal Clipper Lighter