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Krush ECO Kube Grinder

Some great products have arrived to us from across the “pond” and we have to say the this Krush ECO Kube Grinder is just one of them;  Simple in appearance as well as being ergonomically designed to make it simplicity itself to use, the square design has the advantage of not only looking good, but it actually helps the grinding process by giving a better grip.

Manufactured to the highest medical grade standards, with anodized aluminium teeth designed to shred your herbs to the correct consistency every time and without the herbs becoming contaminated. It also has the advantage of being perfectly safe to use in a dishwasher ensuring absolute cleanliness.

In common with the original Kube, the Krush ECO Kube Grinder gives fine and course grinding depending upon which direction the grinder is turned.  When settling down to enjoy smoking the herbal mixture that has been ground, this Krush ECO Kube very neatly doubles up as an ashtray!

It is easy to understand that the grinder was 16 months in the development and making, but it was time that was well worth the wait, now the Krush ECO Kube is under protection with a patent pending in the USA, very understandable when you experience the grinder in operation.

We are currently offering a choice of three colours for the ECO Kube; Deep Blue, Rose or Teal and at only £24.99, a better grinder for a similar price would be hard, if not impossible to find!

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