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Kingsize Automatic Rolling Box

If you’re new to rolling then you might find that the Rolling King’s Kingsize Automatic Rolling Box becomes your new best friend. The Kingsize Automatic Rolling Box not only holds your tobacco and papers, it also rolls you the perfect cigarette as well.

The Kingsize Automatic Rolling Box can be adjusted to roll standard cigarettes or if you’re really flash cone shaped ones.

To use, open the lid and pack your chosen herbal blends into the channel (you can also insert a filter if you use one), then lick the gum of your rolling paper and place it into the sling of the machine gum side to the top; slowly close the lid and the mechanism will roll the perfect cigarette that will emerge through the top of the box.

Keep all your smoking paraphernalia in one place and make perfectly rolled cigarettes every time with the Kingsize Automatic Rolling Box.

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