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Keep your valuables safe with the Tire Shine Stash Can

A burglar can spend as little as five minutes in your home, reports vary according to different police forces, but however long it is he will not want to be hanging around searching. What he will do, usually through experience is to go straight to the most obvious places for valuables, and this is not likely to be your pantry, garage, laundry cupboard, or even your fridge for expensive valuables.

What you can do it to put your valuables in plain sight, but in a Tire Shine Stash Can, under your sink, in your garage, he certainly won’t check it looks just like the real thing, he won’t even think twice about it, it will definitely be the last place any thieving hands will look!

So using the Tire Shine Stash Can is simple, to access the storage space you quite simply unscrew the base of the can to reveal the hidden stash compartment, it has a large storage area of approximately 10cm x 4cm x 4cm.

We offer a number of these look-alike items to keep your valuables safe all undistinguishable from the genuine product, the Tire Shine Stash Can is just £24.99, a small price to pay to keep your valuables safe from intruders.

Tire Shine Stash Can

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