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Keep your valuables safe with the Pentagram Treasure Trove

Indian artisans have a special knack when it comes to working with wood and creating decorative and functional furniture. Using simple tools they are adept at carving designs into wood without machinery or templates.

The two Pentagram Treasure Trove stash boxes offered by us are just one example of their skilled work and they are not just decorative pieces but also a very useful places where you can keep jewellery and other small items. All your personal items can be kept safely and if you use a padlock, which is not supplied by us, this will increase the security of the box.

The carving on the lid takes the form of a pentagram, considered by some people as a mystic symbol, but there is nothing mysterious about our offer. We offer the Treasure Trove in two sizes, the larger of the two boxes is approximately 275mm x 85mm x 175mmand the inner compartment of this is around 230mm x 130mm x 50mm. The smaller of the two boxes is approximately 175mm x 125mm x 75mm, while the inner compartment measures approximately 130mm x 80mm x 50mm.

Pentagram Treasure Trove

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