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Keep your tobacco fresh with the Space Vac Container

This item has recently arrived and we are very excited about it and rightly so, it is the latest vacuum sealed system to arrive from our friends at TightVac. Although it is specifically designed for herbs and tobacco, it has many other uses, but with the unique vacuum sealed system, which is designed to keep your products as fresh as the day that they were bought, we believe that you will be excited too. The Space Vac works by keeping the herbs and your tobacco fresh by restricting oxygen to the container and not allowing them to be contaminated with smells.

Some of the other uses that the space Vac can be used for include pills, prescription drugs, coins and perhaps a few sweets! A handy size at 0.6 litres, it measures one inch high by two and seven eighths inches in diameter so it is handy for the pocket or handbag when out and about.

The Space Vac Container is offered by us at just £6.99 and can be supplied in either opaque or clear, ideal for a portable addition to add to the collection of containers for keeping your herbs or tobacco clean and fresh.

Space Vac Container

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