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Keep your tobacco fresh with a Faux Leather Tobacco Pouch

When you buy your favourite tobacco, it comes to you neatly packed, usually in a moisture proof wrapping most and ready for you to enjoy a smoke. There are a number of ways in which you can keep the tobacco fresh, but not all of them are easy to carry about, such as a battered old tin, but do you really want to produce an old OXO tin in front of friends?

Why not keep your tobacco moist, fresh and at the same time keep all your smoking essentials together whilst looking really classy with a faux leather tobacco pouch. The pouches are made from realistic faux leather, lined with PTFE to keep your tobacco fresh, plus they also have a neat feature which will hold papers, with a zip lock pouch and magnets to keep it neatly sealed together and we are offering these in three colours, Tan, Gr­­ey or Brown, with genuine looking markings, just like real leather for just £7.99.

Faux Leather Tobacco Pouch

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