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Keep your things safe with a Pringles Stash Can

We feel sure that this Pringles Stash Can will look completely normal when placed with other household objects in your kitchen cupboard, but of course this package holds a completely different product, your valuables held in a secure compartment away from prying eyes.

To complete the realistic look of the can, it actually contains some of the real thing, Pringles so when “Billy Burglar” shakes the can, it sounds just like the real thing.

However, the valuables are securely held in a compartment at the bottom of the can, which is opened by unscrewing the bottom where a generous hidden compartment approximately 13cm deep and 4.5cm wide is revealed.

Petty thieves are not ones to hang around a property that they have broken into, so they will not spend too much time poking around cupboards looking carefully at every tin or packet, so a product that even upon close examination could be mistaken for the real thing is not going to occupy much of their time.

The Pringles Stash Can is offered by us at our web pages for just £19.99 in genuine flavours so you can choose from: Cheddar Cheese mini, Honey Mustard, Original mini, Sour Cream and Onion, Sour Cream and Onion mini, Cheddar Cheese, Original and Extra Fire Sweet Barbecue. What could be more convincing than that selection, particularly for peace of mind?

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