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Jaxx USA ‘John Gotti’ 16cm Oil Rig

Serious smokers’ are united as one in the desire to have a nice smooth cool dab every time and the Jaxx John Gotti Oil Rig is sure to give them that. There is more than that of course; the John Gotti is made by Jaxx USA, one of America’s leading bong brands, from 2.5mm premium glass, ensuring that you get just what you pay for.

The design itself is absolutely stunning, you could almost think that you have been transported back to the school laboratory, but perhaps this one will give you even more fun that those experiments we tried to conduct. This oil rig is not a monster at only 160mm to the top, but this is a real killer and is built to allow perfect oil recycling, also combining this with the legendary Jaxx performance, we can say that you will definitely get exactly what you have paid for when you decide to buy one of these.

The Jaxx USA ‘John Gotti’ 16cm Oil Rig is named after one of New York’s notorious Italian-American gangsters who became the boss of the powerful Gambino crime family in the City. He grew up in poverty and like many others turned to a life of crime. Soon his illegal lifestyle made him become one of the crime family’s biggest earners, working out of the Ozone Park neighbourhood of Queens.

Gotti died in 2002 aged 62 years and we feel sure that he would be simply loving the fact that he’s had such an awesome little oil recycler named after him.

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