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The iconic Bob Marley bedspread

If you are a fan of the great singer and songwriter Bob Marley and who isn’t not may we imagine as he sold a record of more than 75 million records. A committed Rastafarian that you could sense in his music and sense of spirituality, he was a great campaigner to legalise cannabis which he believed was a sacrament and an aid to healing.

He sadly died at an early age of just 36 years, but we have lots of items bearing the image of the great man, including lighters, cigarette tins, bedspreads and even your own rolling papers! One of our most popular items is the handmade bedspread, which is generous 2m 23cm x 2m 4 cm. Made form 100% cotton and suitable for most double beds, the hand printed image on the face is of the great man himself.

The Bob Marley bedspread itself is a genuine handmade item that embodies the hand weaving and fabric-painting arts that have been handed down through generations in parts of India. By selling these items we help to ensure a livelihood for indigenous craftspeople and their families as well as to preserve hand-dyeing, hand-block printing in India. Naturally because the item is handmade as well as hand printed, the finish may vary slightly from the picture at our web page.

Bob Marley Bedspread

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