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Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones

The Hookah or Shisha pipe is a great way to enjoy your favourite herbal mixture or tobacco product, its origins are slightly lost in time, but it is widely accepted that it was invented in 16th century mediaeval India.

Originally used by many cultures to enjoy hashish or cannabis, the use more generally has favoured tobacco, which may have been flavoured by soaking in molasses for example. With opinion increasingly turning away from tobacco, the use of vaping or e-cigarettes has become very fashionable. E liquid used in these products, which can have many flavours including imitation tobacco, is heated and the user inhales the vapour produced.

Recently a new product has emerged which was the invention of some German engineers who also happened to be hookah enthusiasts. We smokers are all aware of the smoking bans imposed in premises here in the UK; this also applies to most of Continental Europe too. In order to overcome this ban, as well as enjoying using a hookah, these engineers produced Shiazo Shish Steam Stones.

These natural stones are very small and extremely porous which are injected with glycerine, together with aromatic fluids which imparts flavour. In the same way that tobacco or herbal mixtures work, when the stones are heated in the hookah, steam is produced similar to vaping and the result is an intense vapour which can be inhaled and enjoyed.

In the same way as E-cigarettes, Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones are regarded as a healthier way to enjoy a smoke, even in public buildings, although we have to say that there are some that do not understand the difference between steam and smoke!

The Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones are now available on offer from us at £4.99 in four pleasant flavours of Mango, Mint, Raspberry, Strawberry.

Upgrade your Shisha Pipe with the Shisha Kingdom S.K. Electronic Shisha Head

Everybody loves a traditional shisha or hookah pipe, but many now prefer the safer method of vaping whilst still enjoying the sensation of smoking through a hookah. This is where the great new, Shisha Kingdom Electronic Shisha/Hookah Head comes in and offers a new and safer way to enjoy a smoke. This Shish/Hookah replaces the traditional technique of burning molasses, the Shisha Kingdom Electronic Shisha / Hookah Head’ vaporises E-liquid.

Feedback from users tell us that they particularly like the way it smokes just like a traditional Hookah but without the charcoal or fire and because it needs very little preparation, you can get vaping quickly and start enjoying the obvious benefits vaporising has to offer.

Well-constructed and made from quality aluminium, but with a stylish decorative shell, the Shisha Kingdom Electronic Shisha / Hookah Head consists of three parts, the display unit, atomizer and base. This electronic shisha/hookah head fits on all shishas/hookahs; works electronically like your e-cigarette and you can you fill it with the preferred nicotine, or nicotine free flavour liquid. Utilising a sleek L.E.D lit touch screen, this revolutionary new product features an adjustable voltage control system that ranges from 3.2V to 6V, enabling you to completely customise your experience to your own liking; just like your e-cigarette.

Included with the kit is one UK mains powered charger, rubber grommet and instruction manual and it is all packaged nicely in a smart display box.

High Life Hookah Pipe Venus

The Venus pipe is the latest High-Life hookah pipe in the range and boasts a two-tone colour scheme with its blue glass chamber and red smoking hoses. This fantastically designed hookah pipe has three smoking hoses making it a great pipe for parties and social gatherings.

Standing 53cms tall, the High-Life Hookah Venus is a great focal point in any room and features stainless steel stems, a hand blown glass camber, a traditional clay bowl and a cleaning kit to keep it looking and feeling great.

The Venus High-Life Hookah Pipe is available now for just £57.99; why not check out Shiva Head Shop’s range of tobacco free fruit mixtures to add to your hookah pipe.

Mecha Shisha Pipe

The Mecha Shisha Pipe is a large traditionally styled hookah pipe that is not only great to look at, but is also a pleasure to smoke. This hookah pipe measures just under 2 foot tall, so can be used on the floor, or alternatively placed on a coffee table for a great focal point.

The Mecha Shisha Pipes base is made of glass and is etched with traditional flowers; it is available in black, blue or red. The main stem has a very stylish gun metal finish, adding to its looks. This pipe comes complete with a set of tongs and metal prodder for cleaning the clay bowl.

If you order your Mecha Shisha Pipe now you can take advantage of a special 14% off, meaning that it will cost you just £42.99 instead of £49.99, Bargain!

Shiva also stocks a range of re-useable shisha screens, hookah charcoals and herbal molasses to get the most from your hookah pipe.

High-Life Hookah Pipe – The Meteorite dual hose hookah

This standard sized hookah pipe is great for sharing with its two hoses and traditional design, and is a great centrepiece for a coffee table or side board. The hand blown glass chamber and stainless steel stem give a quality feel to the pipe, which is airtight when assembled.

The High-Life Meteorite Hookah comes with colour matching hoses, both Pyrex and clay bowls, a cleaning kit and metal tongs, as well as a full user guide to get you up and running in no time.

Hookah pipes are simple to use load the shisha tobacco into the bowl, place the hookah coal on top, light and enjoy the hookah experience, most people who try a hookah for the first time never go back to traditional smoking.

A full range of hookah accessories is available from the Shiva shop including tobacco, hookah coals and replacement parts.