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High quality lighters – Turbo Flame Rocket

Lighters are a must have item for any smoker, but how many times have you gone to light your cigarette with your ‘5 for £1’ cheap lighter only to find that it doesn’t work or has ran out of gas? That’s not a problem with the fantastic Turbo Flame Rocket lighter.

This small and compact lighter may look like a regular lighter but it produces a flame that reaches 1300 degrees Celsius, making it windproof and weatherproof. The Turbo Flame Rocket lighter can be used to light just about anything and is hot enough to be used for minor welding and soldering tasks.

Refillable with standard lighter gas, the Turbo Flame Rocket comes complete with a 5 year warranty and is great for those who like the outdoors.

This lighter is available in a range of colours including red, silver and blue, and at just £8.99 each it’s a real bargain.

 Turbo Flame Rocket

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