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Headchef ‘Heavy Metal’ 55mm 2-Part Grinder

Cooks and restaurant kitchen assistants will be all too familiar with the name Head Chef and the same can be said of those of us who like to relax with a water pipe smoking our own herbal mixture or favourite tobacco. Head Chef Grinders have proved over time that can grind your herb to exactly the fine requirement to suit you.

The latest Head Chef Grinder that we are offering is the Heavy Metal 55mm 2-part Grinder and we know that you will be delighted with the “Heavy Metal” construction, colours, but above all the razor-sharp diamond blade teeth which makes sure they cut and just make easy work of reducing your herb to a smoking proportion to suit the pipe, bong or rolling consistency of choice.

Head Chef has made the grinder with an alloy metal body, which will ensure that it has superior strength and longevity over similar products that are constructed in plastic; in fact, it is generally accepted ten times as long!  With the Head Chef Grinder being 55mm you will be able to fit a lot of herb into the body and this means a lot more herb a just one go!

Amongst its many attributes are versatility when it comes to storage and this is because the strong magnetic lid fits snugly on top of the grinder to ensure that no produce spills out while being used or stored, just turn it upside down and you will not spill any of your precious content.

We have a very limited stock of these grinders so check out our web pages now where you can select one in Black, Green, Orange or Purple; all at just £10.99. The Heavy Metal series is the brand new 2 piece grinder from Head Chef!

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