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Headchef ‘Activated Carbon’ Smell Proof Street Satchel

Feedback from customers is important; some might say that it is vital if manufacturers’ are to keep ahead of the game. Certainly it would seem that Headchef has had some great feedback from customers concerning their Activated Carbon Smell Proof Street Satchel.

The bag and the technology has been rigorously tested and found to be absolutely reliable, not only do any smells form the tobacco or herbal mixture stay within the generously sized bag, they remain completely dry too!

Looking at the style of the satchel, we can see that it has a large capacity main zip pocket as well as a front zip pocket, to the back is a is a rear insert Velcro pocket. For ease of transportation when out and about there is a shoulder strap which is removable and held in place by a dual clip. All the zips are water repellent which ensures that they are fully waterproof as well, which prevents any smells from escaping, and also any tainting from strong smelling substances will not get in either, thus ensuring that your smoking mixture is dry and not adulterated in any way.

Generously sized at Width: 21cm x Height: 26cm x Diameter: 9cm in a neutral black colour, we are currently offering the Headchef Satchel at £59.99. Stocks are very limited and we cannot guarantee that when this stock is exhausted, we will be able to replace it.

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