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Head Chef HC005 Digital Scale

This latest product from Head Chef will not disappoint, it lives up to what we have come to expect from this company. We describe it as neat, if fact it is pocket sized, but do not be put off by the size, above all it is precise and accurate, all that you would want from a set of scales, but we would expect nothing else from Head Chef.

Easy to take with you wherever you may go, it is provided with a Blue Clip Case for Safe Travel, also the scales will be kept safe too and will withstand being knocked or accidentally dropped when kept in their case.

The Head Chef HC005 Digital Scale features six modes, has a maximum capacity of 100 g with an accuracy of an amazing 0.01g, the weighing platform is large enough for most needs at 56mm x 53mm constructed in high quality stainless steel.

Another great feature of these Scales is the removable flip top lid which converts to a weighing tray; the screen displaying the weight is LCD and is backlit for convenience. The scales also feature a “Tare” mode which allows the user to use any container and zero the weight of this so that only the material being weighed is displayed. Two AA batteries power the scales and we include these in our offer price of £23.99 and the product is covered by a three year guarantee for peace of mind.

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