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Grind your herbs to perfection with the Headchef Cyborg 62mm Sifter Grinder

It is no surprise to us at Shiva that Head Chef grinders are one of the most asked for on our web pages, the grinders, crafted from anodised aluminium, are designed to fit easily into your pocket so you can take them wherever you go. They can be used for a variety of grinding, anything from herb spices and even coffee beans for smaller cups of coffee although it is primarily used for herbs because of the sharp teeth on the inside that can tackle tough herbs.

The Cyborg 62mm Sifter Grinder is amongst the most popular, featuring a no thread easy lock system, no crossed threads here! Also it has interchangeable sifter Screen for easy clean & screen replacements. Another great feature are the dual direction blades, this makes it different from traditional 4 part grinders, these blades allow for better shredding, no matter which way you turn the it, again thanks to the threadless design.

The swept edge collection plate in the crystal catcher makes it simple to catch the ground herbs; also the gauze / screen can be removed and replaced for easy cleaning. You can be sure that this Cyborg 62mm Sifter Grinder will grind to perfection your herbs or spices and we are offering these in two colours, either Carbon Black or Gamma Green on our web pages at just £39.99. Small enough to carry if needed at just 62mm in diameter and with a height of 53mm.

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