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Gold Spinner Grinders – add some bling in your life!

Fancy adding a bit of bling to your kitchen? Then one of the Gold Spinner Grinders is for you. These grinders not only look cool, they will also make mince meat out of any herbs you throw at it. No more will you have to use your sharpest knife to chop your herbs into small pieces.

These grinders are made for top quality materials and inside you’ll find a set of super sharp teeth perfect for grinding your herbs in a matter of seconds. As the name suggests, Gold Spinner Grinders have a gold plated logo in the top of them that spins like a set of 50 Cents alloy wheels, sweet!

The Gold Spinner Grinders feature a built in mesh that filter the smallest parts of your herb in the bottom; these are usually the most potent parts of the herb and can be used for special occasions or for when you want to treat yourself.

Gold Spinner Grinders are available now for just £14.99 each.

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