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Glow In the Dark Gas Mask Bong

In these times of the Covid pandemic, we are now all aware that we are no obliged to wear a mask when we go shopping, on the underground or metro, buses and other forms of transport we are required to wear one. This is when we hit upon a rather novel idea, why not we thought conform with the regulations, but at the same time why could we not enjoy a cool satisfying smoke, but not perhaps where it is not permitted.

The Glow in the Dark Gas Mask Bong is made from food-safe, high-quality silicone and acrylic and when worn it will give an airtight seal around the face of the wearer, the 25cm bong accessory simply pushes into the mask, useful when cleaning is required; it can be used without the mask if preferred. The mask is provided with adjustable head straps and is sure to fit comfortably and securely around just about anyone’s head. With the secure fit when you light up you are guaranteed a big hit, there is no escaping! The bong can be used with or without water, and as the light fades, the Glow in the Dark Mask Bong will begin to glow, just the way you will be doing enjoying your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture.

This unique Glow in the Dark Gas Mask Bong measures approximately 19 cm x 17 cm. and although it may not be entirely suitable for grandma however, we imagine a lot of people will get some fun and also conform to the law when shopping in Sainsbury or Tesco.

We are now offering these at only £29.99 on our web pages, the mask is multi-coloured but we emphasise that colours can and do vary.

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