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Freshness guaranteed with the CoffeeVac Airtight Container

Place two cups of coffee on the table, one which has been made with freshly ground beans and the other with those which have been in the cupboard or refrigerator stored in a bag for days, or heaven forbid weeks, and then take a taste from each cup, the difference you will find is quite marked. The same can be said for other products such as herbs which like coffee can attract moisture or smell, as well as accelerating the oxidation process.

The Coffeevac’s which we are offering have a unique patented vacuum closure system, and the two way valve, uniquely allows the carbon dioxide from the beans to slowly escape, without letting oxygen in. The clever valve closure system enables the CoffeeVac Airtight Container to be opened and closed quickly and easily, this then gives a totally airtight, water resistant and smells proof seal.

Although the containers have the word coffee emblazoned on the front, there is no reason why many other items which will benefit for being stored in an airtight container cannot be kept in them, things such as tea, sugar, biscuits, kitchen herbs or anything you like!

The large container on offer will hold up to 1.8 Litres or 500g, and the smaller of the two will hold up to 0.8 Litres or 250g. We are sure that once you have tried products which have been stored in these containers, you will not believe the difference that it can make.

CoffeeVac Airtight Container

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