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For a great smoke, choose the Atomic Glass Twist Pipe

This great pipe from Atomic is sure to make you stand out amongst your friends and what is more, it is a great smoke too, particularly when you load it with your favourite herbal mixture or tobacco.

The Atomic Glass Twist Pipe offers great value for money, it is very functional and you would not find it difficult to keep clean and continue to provide a sweet smoke. This is made possible with the easily detachable bowl; we have also found that the twisted stem will easily accommodate a standard pipe cleaner.

Connoisseurs will fully appreciate its quality, but so too would someone who is a novice at the pleasure of pipe smoking, we cannot keep it all to ourselves can we?

Offered by us at just £4.99 it is very affordable to have more than one of the four vibrant colours of Black, White, Blue and Green. Or why not ask “Santa” to put one into your Christmas stocking, or as a gift for a friend?

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