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Smoking De-Luxe Kingsize Papers with Tips

Smoking Papers have long been a favourite with many connoisseurs, even if they are not quite one handed experts at the art of rolling. What they do know is that we do not want the flavour to be affected in any way, which unfortunately can happen with some papers.

This Spanish company knows more than most about the art of producing good papers for rolling our cigarettes, their roots go back may years. Along with a number of other papers which they produce, Smoking De-Luxe was one of the first and most transparent extra fine papers on the market, and now they have introduced them in a convenient packet with 33 special smoking filter tips.

These recently introduce papers are what are described as the thinnest; they are an amazing 20% thinner than the previously known thin paper. This is just one way in which that even a non-smoker can appreciate that when a person relaxes with a personally rolled cigarette, they want the flavours of the tobacco, or if they prefer, herbal mixture, to be what they can taste and not the paper!

Even though these are very thin, just weighing in at only at 13 g/m2, they are super slow burning and they still give maximum strength and transparency. Using only FSC certified paper as well as Arabic natural vegetable gum, these Spanish made papers will ensure even the most discerning of smokers will get the maximum satisfaction from the mixture they prefer in their hand made cigarettes.

Roor Limited Edition Phuncky Feel Tips

Serious smokers and lovers of the cool relaxing use of bongs need no introduction to the Roor Company that produces the famed high-end borosilicate jointed-glass bongs, brainchild of Martin Birzle, a German glass-blower.

So when smokers were looking for a high quality tip for their hand rolled smokes, you can imagine their delight when Roor teamed up with Cypress Hill and came up with a limited edition of the Phuncky Feel Tip. These Phuncky Feel Tips are made from high quality borosilicate glass which we can say is typical Roor.

What makes these tips so special is that they are completely reusable unlike the card tips that many have previously chosen. We offer the 3cm long Phuncky Tip in four designs; you have a choice of White Rasta, Aztec River, Rainbow or Rainbow Black. The tip is supplied in its own handy carrying case and protect in the case with foam.

With the Roor Limited Edition Phuncky Tip, you have the best of both worlds with high quality Roor glass and Cypress Hill all for just £22.99

Roor Limited Edition Phuncky Feel Tip

Newport disposable 10 pack cigarette filters

We know that certain plant extracts such as tobacco when smoked produces a residue of tar and although our lungs can filter very effectively the air that we breathe and need, a smoker inhaling an excess amount can overload our body’s own filtering mechanism and the lungs can become contaminated with the tar.

This is why we believe that the Newport Mini Filter is such a great idea and ii is designed to remove a large amount of this tar, around 60% in fact, along with other particulates and it will not impair the flavour of your smoke. One of the clever things about the Newport Filter is that it has a red indicator which will let you know when you need to replace your filter, which will happen as the red disappears from the filter. This great idea is designed to take the guesswork out of when to replace the filter, so you will not be getting an increase in tar by not replacing soon enough and also not wasting money by replacing the filter whilst it is still working effectively.

Using the Newport Filter is easy, just push the cigarette firmly into the filter right up to the red part and when smoking use the filter as a finger hold and just grip the filter with your teeth or mouth. Use the filters with 8mm cigarettes only, and depending on the brand, the Newport Filter will last for between 5 and 10 cigarettes.

Offered by us at just £1.49, using the filters works out as little as one and a half pence per cigarette, a small price to pay for a clean flavoursome smoke.

Newport Disposable Cigarette Filters 10 pack

The Bulldog Perforated Filter Tips

Amsterdam coffee shops, not to be confused with cafés, have been a part of the city since the 1970s, now if you still reminisce about your trip to Amsterdam; it is possible to partially relive this using the official items such as Bulldog Perforated filter tips.

Now we know that these Bulldog Perforated Filter Tips are used in their millions by smokers visiting The Bulldog Hotels and Cafes over in Amsterdam this being the case then they have to be good! The perorations ensure that you will get the perfect roach every time as easy as possible. Using these perforated tips means that you have the ability to easily create a ‘Z’ shape in the centre of the roach. By doing this you do not get those annoying bits coming into your mouth through the roach.

The Bulldog Amsterdam paper filter tips are great to have on hand when rolling, with each booklet you get 35 tips, but if you like skinny joints, then just tear them down the middle lengthways and you can get twice as many for your money.

Speaking of money, we are offering these for just 69 pence and if you buy five books, we will throw one in completely free of charge.

The Bulldog Perforated Filter Tips

Mary’s Delight Activated Carbon Filters

Ask anyone who has used one of Mary’s activated filters and they will tell you that the result is that the filters not only gives a more pleasant flavour but also reduces the amount of harmful toxins and tar that you inhale. The same can be said whether the carbon filter is used for your roll up or whether you use it in a small pipe.

The Mary carbon filter, unlike some other filters has a ceramic ends instead of plastic which allows you to use them either way round, this ceramic end guarantees that you will have the cleanest smoke possible. The filter tip is 36 mm long. Mary’s Delight Activated Carbon filters are available in packs of 28 and when the smoke passes through the filter a large portion of the harmful tars in the smoke sticks to this ensuring that the smoke is smooth and pleasant without affecting the buzz that you get from it.

So the benefits of using Mary’s delight carbon filters are that they will improve the taste of the smoke, reduce the amount of tar that reaches your lungs, if using a pipe it will keep clean longer, ensure that harsh brands will taste smoother, great benefits for just £2.99.

Marys Delight Activated Carbon Filters

Pitara Reusable Roach – for the perfect smoke!

Anyone who rolls their own cigarettes or cones knows that having the right filter not only provides a smooth smoke but also acts as a rolling aid too. The Pitara Reusable Roach & Rolling Aid is the crème de la crème of filters and is available in classic oak, elegant rosewood or refined glass.

Gone are the days of tearing up your Rizla paper box to make ill-fitting filters that don’t actually do anything, simple take your Pitara Reusable Roach roll your cigarette tightly around it and be amazed at your perfectly rolled cigarette.

Each Pitara Reusable Roach comes with a handy cleaning tool and full instructions; they are available now for £4.99 each and will last a lifetime.


Glass Filters 5 Pack

Using a filter in your bong or pipe provides a smooth smoke and stops unwanted debris from going into your mouth. These glass filter screens can be heated to a high temperature for continuous smoking and are really easy to maintain and clean.

Each pack contains 5 glass filters meaning that you can fit one to all of your different bongs and pipes. There are three sizes to choose from small (6x6mm), medium (10x11mm) and large (11x13mm) and are suitable for a wide range of bong and pipe sizes.

Each pack of glass filters costs just £3.99 and are a great addition to any bong or pipe.

Please note: colours may vary.

ROOR Cypress Hill Phuncky Feel Tips

Rolling your own cigarettes is a great way to smoke your favourite mixes, but when it comes to roaches tearing off a bit of Rizla pack or paper isn’t ideal. Thankfully, ROOR has teamed up with Hip Hop band Cypress Hill to bring you the Phuncky Feel Tips.

ROOR Cypress Hill Phuncky Feel Tips
are specially designed to fit into your rolled cigarette are provide you with a smooth smoke every time. The pack contains three different tips, two of which have a flattened edge for an ergonomic smoking feel and one is perfectly round ideal for blunts and cones.

These tips come in a padded carry case so you’ll never be without them, and are easy to clean. These re-useable tips are available now for just £24.99 and as always are made to ROOR’s high standard.


Adsorba Tip Tubes

Anyone who rolls their own cigarettes or cones knows that having a filter is essential for stopping unwanted debris from going in your mouth and cooling down the smoke for a smoother hit.

Adsorba Tip Tubes are reusable filters that are specifically designed to filter out most of the harmful tar, cool the smoke and provide a smoother and healthier smoke. Tip Tubes can be reused up to 10 times each and are great for using with blunts and cones.

To use simply insert the filter with the ceramic top facing away from you and enjoy, it’s as simple as that!

Adsorba Tip Tubes come in a pack of 30 and are available now for just £1.49 per pack.

ROOR Cypress Hill’s Phuncky Feel Tips

ROOR, renowned for their glass smoking accessories has teamed up with hip hop legends Cypress Hill to bring you a pack of fantastic glass filter tips. ROOR Cypress Hill’s Phuncky Feel Tips are great for your hand rolled cigarettes and cones and provide a perfect smoke every time.

Simply use these glass filter tips instead of a standard roach to cool and filter the smoke; each pack contains three different tips and come in a stylish foam padded carry case. ROOR Cypress Hill’s Phuncky Feel Tips are re-useable and super easy to clean.

Two filter tips have a flattened ends for a more ergonomic feel and the other one is perfectly round, perfect for blunts and cones.

The ROOR Cypress Hill’s Phuncky Feel Tips are available now from Shiva Head Shop for £24.99 for the set.