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Feel the benefits of Hemp Soap Bars

This soap is not just a trendy accessory; experts tell us that it has tremendous benefits derived by the simple use of hemp extract to purify your body and moisturise dry skin through this soap. We have these Hemp soaps made for us in Holland and these are offered as a 35g bar in a beautifully styled leaf shape, or a 100g bar, or five 50g leaf shaped presentation pieces, none of which are going to “break the bank” especially when you consider the benefits they bring.

We know that many experts in the dermatology field advise the use of applying hemp oil to the skin and hair via hemp lotion, and even directly as pure hemp oil skin treatments. We realise that this can be difficult, but this is why so many people now are enjoying the benefits brought by hemp oil and to take advantage of their properties by using hemp oil soaps, enjoying the high levels of Vitamin A, C, and E, which hemp oil provides, through the simple process of using these soaps, in the bathroom.

Hemp Soap Bar

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