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Experience the Range Nile Modern Hookah

The hookah pipe can be traced back to the 16th century and use of it can be traced back to origins in India, It is widely used in the Far East as well as the Middle East and now increasingly in the modern Western World.

There are a number of styles of hookah, but the principle is similar in them all, the main advantage is that in all of them as the vapour passes through water and most of the harmful tar is removed. Traditionally the Hookah was made with a glass bowl, but we offer a modern version which is not only a beautiful piece of work, but very sturdy as well; the Range Nile Modern Hookah.

The base is made from stainless steel and so breakages become a thing of the past, that also includes spillages as even if the hookah is shaken there are no spillages, even the charcoal used to filter is enclosed inside a lid at the top and at the base is a clay bowl, and we include with the hookah a 90 cm long hose and carrying bag.

To make your smoking even more fun for you and your friends, the Range Nile Modern Hookah includes LED lighting which is sure to make smoking your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture more enjoyable. So all that you need to get started having fun and pleasure is your favourite herbal molasses to smoke in it.

Range Nile Modern Hookah

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