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EJ Mix Vapour Blend

Whether you are new to vaping or perhaps are now experienced, you will know that there are a huge variety of E-Liquids and vape juices available, but what about turning your favourite essential waxes, oils and tinctures into an E-juice, to be vaped in your E-cigarette?

It is possible to buy any numbers of Natural Herbal Extracts contain a wide range of organic compounds as well as waxes and plant fats, and with the help of the EJ Mix Vapour blend it is possible to turn these into an E-juice, to be vaped in your E-cigarette!

This is possible because the EJ Mix Vapour Blend is unique in being a universal base for both water and oil soluble herbal essences, no matter what your preferences may be EJ Mix will produce a stable and smooth flowing E juice consistently and reliably. The process is simplicity itself, all that is needed is 1ml of EJ Mix to a microwave safe cup, along with 1 gram of herbal concentrate, which you then microwave at a high temperature for 10 seconds, then just stir to ensure it is completely mixed. You will then have produced a legal extract with a stable and smooth flowing E-juice consistently and reliably.

Made from a blend propylene glycol and PEG400, PEG300, and PEG200 to create a liquid ideal for suspending herbal extracts, it is available in either a standard 15ml size, or the cost saving large 50ml bottle.

EJ Mix Vapour Blend

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