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Drinks Stash Cans

Keeping your prized possessions away from preying eyes and fingers is easy with Drinks Stash Cans. You can store just about anything in these stash cans from your herbal mixtures to keys or even money; no-one will know the difference between these and the real thing.

Available in a range of different brands including Coca Cola, Pepsi, Foster’s and Red Stripe, these handy stash cans can be taken with you in a bag or displayed on a shelf of table. The top of the can unscrews to reveal a hidden compartment.

The soft drinks cans are the same size as standard 355ml drinks can and the alcoholic stash cans are slightly bigger at 484ml.

Drinks Stash cans
are available now from just £7.99 each; they look so real that you’ll probably forget it’s a stash can and try to drink it.


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