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Double Bottle Beer Bong – Get the Party Started!

Having a party and want it to be kick ass? Then why not get some beer bongs. The Double Bottle Beer Bong as the name suggests, allows you to down two bottles of beer at the same time and really gets the party started.

This beer bong is easy to use and clean for the next person. To use the Double Bottle Beer Bong simply:
•    Place the thin tubes inside the two beer bottles.
•    Hold both bottles at the neck and bring towards you mouth whilst placing a finger over the carb holes.
•    Tilt your head back and begin drinking, take fingers off carb holes and watch as the beer disappears in seconds.

The Double Bottle Beer Bong is available now for just £9.99 each; why not check out Shiva Head Shops other Beer Bongs and games including beer pong, the pocket can beer bong and the impressive 18ft balcony beer bong.

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