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Denicool Pipe Bowl Filter Crystals – for a cooler smoke!

Have a pipe that doesn’t pull right or that gives you tongue bite? Then Denicool Pipe Bowl Filter Crystals are the answer.

Specially designed to help absorb excess moisture in your tobacco while you smoke, these filter crystals produce a cools and dry smoke that pulls easily through the pipe. To use simply pour a couple of crystals into the bottom of the pipe bowl and fill with your favourite tobacco mixture.

After you’ve finished empty the whole contents of the bowl and you’re ready to start again. Another bonus of these filter crystals is that they absorb a lot of the harmful tar which means that it’s healthier that regular smoking and also keeps your pipe cleaner.

Denicool Pipe Bowl Filter Crystals come in a handy plastic carry box which contains 12 grams of crystals. Available now for £2.99 per pack these pipe filter crystals are a great addition to any avid pipe smoker’s arsenal.

 Denicool Pipe Bowl Filter Crystals

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