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Deluxe Amazed Pipe

The Amazed Pipe has been a favourite with us here at Shiva Head Shop for some time now and has a range of features that will suit just about every smoker out there.

This compact pipe can be taken just about anywhere and the deluxe brass and chrome finish makes this pipe shine! The Deluxe Amazed pipe features an internal maze design; this makes the smoke travel over 30cms before hitting your mouth, providing you with a cool and smooth smoke. It also reduces the amount of tar and other harmful substances that you inhale.

The Amazed Pipe is really easy to use and is only lit when your inhaling, so once you’ve had your hit you can put it safety back into your pocket; it will stop smouldering until the next time you light it.

The Amazed pipe unscrews for easy cleaning and comes complete with a built-in steel filter meaning you don’t have to buy spare pipe screens.

The Deluxe Amazed Pipe is available now for just £22.99 and comes in brass or chrome finish.

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