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Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner

It is easy we are told to clean crystal glass, a good stiff brush, some scouring powder and “Hey Presto” all the dirt and grime are gone, but also is the gleaming shine that makes expensive Crystal Glassware so attractive.

Luckily there is a much simpler and safer way to bring Crystal back to looking new again, Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner offered at our web pages in three convenient sizes 30mL Drops – 650mL – 950mL. No harsh cleaner is required as the Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner is made from natural products;  processed coconut and kale extract, we guarantee that you will be truly amazed at how quickly and easily the Crystal that may be stained with the likes of resin or condensed oil falls away just like magic! Another bonus with Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner is that it is re-usable, again and again!

To clean your crystal glassware the product should be warmed up, you can use a microwave for convenience, and then just leave the glassware to soak and then rinse off with hot water, nothing could be easier! Naturally you will want to save the cleaner for use again and this is easily done by filtering with a strainer ready for re-use! Should there be areas which have engraving or similar marking, it could be necessary to use a pipe cleaner or soft brush such as and artists paint brush to remove ingrained staining.

From as little as £4.99 at our web pages, this is a small price to pay for ensuring that your crystal ware remains spotless.

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