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Cookies 3 Tier Stacked Storage Container

It is vital to keep dried herbs and spices free from airborne contamination; this is because they are particularly susceptible to airborne contamination from everyday items that are found within our homes. The result can be that our herbs, if smoked, or used in the kitchen, becoming tainted and having an unpleasant taste, which is why it is important to keep them in suitable airtight containers.

At our web pages a number of airtight containers can be seen, but the Cookies 3 Tier Stacked Storage Container is proving to be very popular and perfect for anybody looking for a storage facility for their Herbs and Spices. Comprising a set of three twistable, stackable jars that you can use to keep and separate your herbs and spices, with the option to either utilise the three jars or you can, if preferred, use the middle dividers and turn them into a four, five or six section storage facility.

The storage containers can be easily separated, or they can be locked together with the top lid having a handle for easy carrying when out and about. Using a “twist seal” this ensures that your herbs or spices are kept in good condition ensuring absolute freshness.

In their stacked format the containers are 2 3/8’”x 3 ¼” for a single unit, or staked together the measure up at 5 ¾” x 3 ¼” a neat solution to your storage problems. Offered in either clear or red, either colour is offered at just £14.99 and they will make a neat and practical addition to your kitchen or smoking den.

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