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Cigar smoking accessories

Getting into cigar smoking? Then our range of cigar accessories are right up your street. When you begin cigar smoking there are a few essential accessories which you need.

Double Blade Cigar Cutter

A cigar cutter is a must for the cigar connoisseur and is one of the most essential accessories to help prepare your cigar. This portable cigar cutter can be taken just about anywhere and is strong enough to cut thick cigars.

To use the cigar cutter, pull the blades apart and insert your cigar end into the whole, then simply push the blades together effortlessly clipping your cigar ready to smoke.

Mini Humidifiers

Another must have when cigar smoking is a humidor to keep your cigars from drying out, but these can be expensive. Thankfully these mini humidifiers will turn any storage box into a humidor.

Immerse the mini humidifiers in cold water and put them into your storage box; the water inside the humidifiers will slowly evaporate keeping your cigars fresh and moist.

Zippo Lighters

A decent lighter is a great accessory to have when cigar smoking and what better lighter to choose than the world renowned Zippo lighter. Available in a range of designs and built to last, a Zippo lighter will last a lifetime.

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