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Chongz Sue Perkins Love Child 21cm Glass Bong

We, like so many others that we know just love glass, particularly when it comes in the shape and functionality of a bong and none come much better than Chongz products; and one in particular, the Sue Perkins Love Child is one of the most exciting on the market, themost exciting some would argue.

Traditionally blown, this glass bong illustrates some of the more exciting pieces of glassware and without any doubt at all, if you are into collecting glass, then you must surely add this to your collection.

The Chongz Sue Perkins Love Child has been primarily designed for the use of herbs, but it can definitely work just as well as a dab rig, this can be easily achieved by the addition of a 14mm male banger and “hey presto” you are ready to indulge and to dab away!

With the large water chamber, you can be sure that the smoke will be cooled in order for a very smooth, as well as big hit.

The demand for this exciting addition in the Chongz range has meant that the stock we have is limited, we suggest that you get yours now before the stock of this 21cm Glass wonder dries up completely.

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