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Chongz ‘Clown Foot’ 27cm Bong

We are proud and very excited to display on our web site, the latest bong from premium maker Chongz; the Clown Foot 27 cm Bong.

At first sight you could be deceived by the look of it but, beware it is a big hitter amongst serious smokers. With the ingenious design you are sure to get, what can only be described as a huge heavy hit. The smoke chamber is big, this means that you will get the very most from your herbs or tobacco, and with the flat bottom, you can be sure that it will not accidentally fall over.

Along with many of the products from Chongz, this bong is manufactured using premium glass; the percolator ensures that he water is bubbling and cooling the smoke giving the users a cool smooth tasty hit. Chongz experience has enabled them to shape the stem in a way that makes it perfect for any herbal vaporizer, providing it has the right attachment.

For such an impressive premium glass product, you might expect to pay a lot more than the offer on our web pages of £59.99 but, we believe that not only will you, or your friends, enjoy a great hit, “weighing in” at 808g surely the 140mm (w) x 270mm (h) x 130mm (d) Chongz Clown Foot Bong deserves to be displayed in a prominent place too!

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