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Chongz 50mm Aluminium Grinder Pod

We are really pleased at Shiva with the addition of the Chongz 50mm Aluminium Grinder to our comprehensive collection of grinders, or crushers as some prefer to call them, why, because for one thing they are manufactured to the highest standard by the much respected manufacturer of smoking and related products Chongz!

The grinder itself is made in seven separate parts, this alone makes the Chongz Grinder easy to keep clean and we know how important that is, particularly if we are going to use the grinder for culinary purposes in the kitchen.

Users will find that by using the Chongz 50mm Grinder life in the kitchen is so much easier and will save not just time but make the herbs and spices blend into the dish that is being prepared. They are also not just confined to use within the kitchen, but are great for grinding tobacco or herbal smoking products guaranteed to allow a smooth even burn; other uses can be for grinding coffee as just one example.

This beautifully constructed sifter grinder is in seven separate parts, measuring  92mm high, 52mm wide with a diameter of 50mm and is currently offered on our web pages for £39.99 with a choice  of either black or silver.

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