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Cheeky One Air Tight Stash Pot

We all have times when we need to carry some medication tablets, extra paracetamol to ward off the headache from just a tiny bit too much last night or to keep our stash clean and away from contamination.

Well this Cheeky One Air Tight Stash Pot is perfect for all those occasions and what is more it can be kept secure on your house, or car key ring. We offer these in two handy sizes the smaller of the two exterior dimensions; 21mm diameter, 47mm high, the larger has exterior dimensions; 46mm diameter, 80mm high.

Now we find that the smaller one is perfect for the key ring, but we would suggest that the larger one is better suited for when you are travelling with a bag, users find that it too big to carry comfortably in a pocket. These stash pots have a rubber seal around the lid that helps to protect the contents as well as helping to contain any smells.

The smaller version we offer in four distinctive colours, blue, black, red or silver priced on our web pages at just £4.99. The large option is supplied in five colours, blue, black red, green or silver and these are offered at only£7.99.

These are the perfect pots for keeping your medication or keeping your herbs fresh and unwanted odours out, when out and about.

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