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Bounce Silicone Smooth Bubbler

We really like this new addition to our extensive range of bongs, not just because it delivers a really cool smoke; it does that without question, but it, unlike some bongs and hookahs this one is quite decorative, in fact, it could be easily mistaken for a vase, particularly if it was filled with beautiful flowers.

Delightful as that may be, its real purpose is to provide a smooth clean smoke which is what it will do when you fill the base with water and then put your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture into the bowl and before too long you are enjoying that relaxing smoke. Because as regular users will confirm, the classic water pipes are renowned for delivering a smoother, cooler and easier smoking experience.

Silicone has many advantages, with the Bounce Silicone Smooth Bubbler, if you, unfortunately, drop it; you find that it will bounce. The bounce Silicone Bubbler also is one of the easiest bongs to keep clean too, all you do is just simply split it into its two component parts and then wash them in a suitable detergent. There is yet another great reason why the Bounce Bubbler is a hit and that is because the cream option will glow in the dark.

We are now offering this at our web pages in a selection of exciting colours: The glow in the dark cream, toffee, united, camouflage, or green and white, all priced at just £16.99. So why delay, get yours today.

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