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Essential bong accessories – ROOR Downpipes

The first thing to say, which is of course pretty obvious to serious smokers, is that the downpipe is an essential part of the bong and having a spare to hand is a wise decision. As an owner of a ROOR bong you will be fully aware that you have an item of quality, which all began over two decades ago by German glassblower Martin Birzle.

To ensure that you have the correct one for your bong, please ensure that you measure it correctly and to do this you should firstly check the gauge of which there are two, this will be either14.5mm or 18.8mm across, the same would apply if you had to buy a new bowl.

Next check out the stem length and to do this you should measure from the top of the misted section of glass to the bottom of the stem. If you are in any doubt we would suggest that a stem that is a bit short is better than one that is slightly too long. The reason being that if the base of the stem touches the base of the bong the misted sections will not make an airtight connection. To give you one example the ROOR 250 downpipe uses a 14.5mm gauge 10.5cm stem.

The items made by ROOR are of exceptional quality and as with anything damage can occur, so having spare to hand will save you frustration when all you want is a nice peaceful and quiet smoke.

ROOR Downpipes

Update your bong with the Glass Eject-A-Bowl

Updating your bong is a great way to make it more practical and efficient whilst not spending a fortune on a new bong. One of the most popular bong accessories here at Shiva Head Shop is the fantastic Glass Eject-A-Bowl.

Made from the finest quality borosilicate glass and heat resistant silicone, the Glass Eject-A-Bowl is the easiest way to empty and refill your bong while you’re using it. Once you’ve finished with your tobacco or herbal mixture simply push down on the bowl and this will eject all of the leftover ash ready for the next hit.

The Glass Eject-A-Bowl fits most standard bongs with a 12mm stem hole and is perfect for adding that extra flair to your smoking experience.

The Glass Eject-A-Bowl is available in regular or kingsize with prices starting at just £17.99; not ready for a new bong bowl yet? Then why not check out our extensive range of bong accessories including bong cases, extenders and spare parts.

 Glass Eject-A-Bowl

Breitseite Cylinder Bong

For anyone who likes a strong and durable bong, glass is the way to go and the Breitseite Cylinder Bong from Blackleaf is as good as it gets. Manufactured in Germany from the highest quality materials, the Breitseite Cylinder Bong is a quality piece at an affordable price.

The Breitseite Cylinder Bong comes with an extra-large shaft to hold more water and cool your smoke down even more for a smooth hit every time. The large bong bowl hold an ample amount of your favourite herbal mixtures meaning that you don’t have to empty it all of the time.

Glass bongs are strong, durable and can withstand higher temperatures and at just £25.99 the Breitseite Cylinder Bong is a great addition to your smoking accessories.

Here at Shiva Head Shop we have a range of glass filters that are great to use with this bong, check them out here.


Bong Extenders – for a bigger hit

Fancy a bigger hit from your bong? Then why not try a bong extender. Available in three sizes, medium, large and extra large, these bong extenders will fit most standard bongs and provide a bigger hit.

The bong extender can be securely fitted to any standard bong with a shaft approximately 50mm in diameter and makes an air tight seal thanks to a strong rubber seal mounted at the base.

The bong extender is made from acrylic so is strong and durable and comes in a variety of bright colours.
Three sizes are available, medium (380mm long), large (510mm long) and extra large (610mm long). Prices start at just £8.99.

Please note; colours vary and cannot be specified.


RYOT Headcase Padded Protective Case

Keeping your bong secure and safe when you’re not using it will mean that you get many years of use out of it and the RYOT Headcase Padded Protective Case fits the bill perfectly.

This padded case can fit a variety of different sized bongs and also features a freshness pouch where you can store some of your herbs and tobacco to keep them fresh for when you need it.

So whether you’re storing your bong away when you’re not using it or taking your bong on your travels, the RYOT Headcase Padded Protective Case is the perfect accessory to have to protect your prized possessions.

The RYOT Headcase Padded Protective Case is available now for just £12.99 each.


No.1 Bong Cleaner

Keeping your bongs and pipes clean and fresh will give you the best smoking experience possible and the ebst way to clean your bongs and pipes is with a specialised bong cleaner.

No.1 Bong Cleaner is specially formulated to clean off all of the grim and tar that can collect on your smoking devices and helps prolong the life of your favourite bongs and pipes.

Top use simply spray a small amount onto the surface of the smoking device, let it soak in then rinse and dry, your bong or pipe will look like you’ve just bought it. No.1 Bong Cleaner is non-toxic and can be used on acrylics, vinyl, aluminium and glass.

Each bottle contains 100ml of cleaner and is available now for £4.75 per bottle.


Dr Green Bong & Pipe Cleaner

Keeping your bongs and pipes clean and free from gunk is the best way to enjoy the perfect smoke and Dr Green Bong & Pipe Cleaner has been specially formulated to do the job. This cleaner is safe for use on all materials including glass, acrylic and ceramics and leaves no aftertaste or noxious fumes.

Simply mix the solution with hot water and leave pipes or bongs submerged for 20 minutes to an hour, then rinse thoroughly. For stubborn residue use Dr Green Bong & Pipe Cleaner neat and use a cleaning brush to clean.

We stock a range of pipe and bong cleaning brushes that are designed to fit into the smallest areas of your pipes and bongs.

Dr Green Bong & Pipe Cleaner is available now for £3.99 and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes. It is recommended that you clean your bongs and pipes regularly to provide you with the best smoke.

Bong Case – protect your expensive bongs!

Cleaning your bong regularly is a great way to get the best smoke, and protecting your expensive glass bong from scraps and bumps adds to the longevity of the device. The bong case is a great accessory and storage solution for your bong and fits most standard bongs up to 30cms tall.

Storing your bong out of the way when you’re not using it can be a problem, but with the bong case you simply place your bong inside, store it away and you know it isn’t going to get damaged. The bong case features a plush velvet interior and has a divider so you can store your bong accessories and herbal mixtures too.

This case is perfect for storing your bong or taking it with you when you’re travelling, a handy carry strap is also included.

The bong case is available now for £39.99 and for larger bongs there is also a 40cm bong case for £44.99 which features a camouflage exterior.


Glass Eject-A-Bowl 12mm

Want an easier way to clean out your bong bowl when it’s finished? Then look no further, the Glass Eject-A-Bowl is here to help. The Glass Eject-A-Bowl is unique and is a fast and easy way to clean the bowl ready for the next load. To use simply push down on the bowl and the spring mechanism will push all of the smoking debris out, easy!

The Glass Eject-A-Bowl has a cone shaped rubber stopper so that it will fit most standard sized bongs. Made from quality borosilicate glass, this bong bowl can withstand higher temperatures and is strong enough to last a lifetime.

The Glass Eject-A-Bowl is available in regular and king size, with prices starting at just £17.99 each what are you waiting for?


Dr Green Bong & Pipe Cleaner

Anyone who owns a bong will know that keeping it clean is a must for a great smoke. Dr Green Bong & Pipe cleaner is specially formulated to get rid of even the toughest dirt and is odour and perfume free leaving no aftertaste.

Dr Green Bong & Pipe Cleaner can be used to clean various smoking paraphernalia and is perfect for ceramics, glass, plastic and metal.

For best results it is recommended that you use this cleaner regularly and for heavily tarred items it is best to mix a small amount of cleaner with hot water.

Dr Green Bong & Pipe cleaner is available now in 150ml (£3.99) and 500ml (£9.99) bottles.

Why not check out Shiva Head Shops range of pipe cleaners and bong brushes, perfect for getting into every nook and cranny.