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Jelly Baby Ice Bubble Bong

There is, quite understandably, a healthy debate about the merits of acrylic bongs and those manufactured in glass. We do not wish to enter into the debate, as we believe that each has its merits and disadvantages.

One of the big advantages that our customers tell us is that a Bong such as the Jelly Baby Ice Bubble Bong is great when out and about, or visiting friends, lightweight and not easily damaged. However, there is another big plus to the Jelly Baby, with the current hot weather which we are experiencing; you can pack it with ice and water, for an extra cool smoke!

The clever design of the ice twist feature enables the user to fill the neck with ice, which in turn means that not only is the smoke cooled, but impurities are removed from the smoke, surely an added bonus. Being acrylic of course, ensures that when travelling or at home the bong will not easily break, to ensure that the bong is stable when standing on a table, the sturdy base will help to ensure that accidental spillages are prevented, plus the bubble can be filled with water which increases the cool and filtering effect.

The dimensions of the Ice Baby Bubble Bong are: 108mm (w) x 440mm (h) x 50mm (d) weighing in at 511g. We are offering this budget waterpipe Bong at £19.99 and although the colours are attractive, we would wish to point out that it is not possible to select a colour, as these vary.

Chongz ‘Antinature’ 30cm Acrylic Bong – The Perfect Travel Companion

We know that acrylic was not around over 2400 years ago when the first bongs came upon the scene, but we do know that this traditional water pipe allows the user to enjoy their favourite tobacco or herbal product.  Water when used in this way, catches heavier particles and water-soluble molecules, preventing them from entering the user’s airways, giving a better, as well a cooler smoke.

By using strong and durable acrylic, together with a usefully designed rubber base, careless smokers will not damage or break the bong, which an expensive glass water pipe could suffer if knocked off the table, so perfect for sharing with friends.

The Chongz Acrylic Bong will hold plenty of water, has the benefit of ice notches down the neck which, when filled up with ice cubes, provides that cool smoke that we all enjoy. The stem and bowl are removable which makes it easy to clean as well as transport, being made from acrylic, this water pipes has to be amongst the most practical, easy to use and long-lasting devices for the casual water pipes user.

The colour s may vary from the picture shown on our website page, but offers great value priced at just £14.99.

Chongz ’16 Baby 16′ Double Bubble Lizard Acrylic Waterpipe

The Chongz ’16 Baby 16′ Double Bubble Lizard Acrylic Waterpipe is one of our top sellers and with good reason. This 40cm tall bong is made from sturdy acrylic and is finished in a transparent brown colour with the famous Chongz logo and lizard motifs.

The Chongz ’16 Baby 16′ Double Bubble Lizard Acrylic Waterpipe features a removable bowl and downstem, rubber grommet to keep the stem sturdily in place and a removable bong base for easy cleaning.

The double bubble design allows user to fill the waterpipe with ice, providing an even cooler, smoother smoke.

Hurry, the Chongz ’16 Baby 16′ Double Bubble Lizard Acrylic Waterpipe won’t stay in stock for long, especially at just £17.99.

Chongz ‘Dickies Hoop’ 30cm Acrylic Bong

The Chongz ‘Dickies Hoop’ Acrylic Bong is a great bong at a great price point. This compact bong measures 30cm high and weighs less than 300 grams making it perfect for travelling with. This bongs tough and durable acrylic design means that it can withstand an accidental drop that would be disastrous for a traditional glass design.

What’s more, the Chongz ‘Dickies Hoop’ Acrylic Bong is filled with features too! The bubbled base and 4 decorative round windows allows you to see the full glory of the smoke as you use it, and the metal downstem and rubber grommet add to the quality feel overall. The added ice twist also means that you can experience a smoother smoke and extra filtration too.

The Chongz ‘Dickies Hoop’ Acrylic Bong is available now for just £16.99, so what are you waiting for?

Chongz Miniature 20cm Acrylic Bong

Bongs have been popular smoking aids for centuries, but along with most things, with advances in technology you can now get bongs made from a variety of different materials, but acrylic has a lot to offer, it resembles glass, but has properties that make it superior to glass in many ways. We are seeing an increasing number of bongs which are made from acrylic, because it is lighter, it is increasingly being chosen over glass.

We are happy to introduce a really great little bong from Chongz which is small but very durable, a great way to be able to have a smoke when travelling. Throw it in your back pack, no fear of it breaking and when you feel like it, bring it out whenever the fancy takes you.

The Chongz Miniature Bong is easy to keep clean, simply remove the rubber base and stem, we suggest that for maximum enjoyment from your bong, use bong cleaners and bong brushes regularly. This clears up any debris and tar that gets stuck and builds up over time, leaving you a better tasting smoke and easier inhalation.

At just £9.99, this colourful acrylic bong is a steal, the colours vary, but whatever the colour, it will not detract from that quality of your tobacco or herb.

Stay cool this summer with the Jelly Baby Ice Bubble Bong

The Jelly Baby Ice Bubble Bong is perfect for those hot summer days as you can load it up with cold water and ice for a smooth, cool smoke. These budget waterpipes are made from toughened frosted acrylic and feature a sturdy base to prevent spillages.

This bongs ice twist feature allows the neck to be filled with ice, not only cooling down the smoke but also removing more impurities from the smoke, giving you the smoothest, cleanest hit possible. The large bubble base also allows you to put more water in the bong, adding to the cool filtering affect.

The Jelly Baby Ice Bubble Bong is perfect for those who want an effective bong without wanting to stretch the budget. They are available now for just £19.99 each (please note: colours may vary).

Why not check out our full range of acrylic bongs here.

34cm 4 Tiered Hoopla Bong

We know that water pipes and bongs have been used by smokers just about everywhere, going right back in time used to deliver the pleasure of the tobacco or herbal mixture to the user in a cleaner and cooler way.

The 34cm 4 Tiered Hoopla Bong will not disappoint the smoker and what is more it not only feels great to use, but it looks good as well and is sure to compliment any room where it is displayed. Strong and beautifully made in lasting acrylic, we expect that this 4 Tiered Hoopla Bong will be in everyday use in your home for many years.

The Hoopla Bong is also technically well designed too, with the bubble design you can add extra water and of course this means that you will get a cooler as well as a cleaner and far more satisfying smoke.

At just £14.99 at our web pages, this bong has to represent great value, keeping your bong clean ensures a satisfying smoke, so check out the offers on recommended cleaning materials at the site.

4 Tiered Hoopla Bong

Mutz Nutz Rocket 400 – 40cm Bong

Bongs have been popular smoking aids for centuries and with advances in technology you can now get bongs made from many different materials such as glass, acrylic and even ceramic. Today we are looking at the fantastic Mutz Nutz Rocket 400 bong made from toughened acrylic.

We guarantee that you will get a high quality smoking experience from the Mutz Nutz Rocket bong and at 40cm tall the bong has a wide Tail Fin which ensures that it has stability and will stand perfectly and not be easily tipped over when in use.

It has been described by users are giving a rocketing experience when smoked with your favourite herbal mixture or tobacco product and for user who like to have control a carb hole has been added to the back of the bong.

Currently this De-Lux bong is being offered by us at a special price of just £27.19 which is discounted 20% of the recommended price. Grab this bong now and give yourself a rocketing experience.

Mutz Nutz Rocket 400 Bong

Check out our new range – Killer Bongs

Here at Shiva Online we bring you the best in smoking paraphernalia, and our newest range of Killer Bongs is no exception. Choose from a range of 12 different bongs, all with their own designs from a simple bubble bong to the more complex twisted ice bong.

There is definitely something for everyone in the range from the outrageously large Straight Shooter 120, a 120cm tall bong that produces the coolest smoke, to the simple yet efficient Mr Black bubble bong.

Made from a combination of a hardened acrylic and glass stems, these bongs are made to last and won’t hurt your wallet too! The acrylic bongs are finished in black with red accents or see-through with silver accents, all of which make a great addition to your bong collection.

With prices starting from just £24.99, Killer Bongs give you a big bang for your buck!

Check out some of the fantastic range below:

Killer Bongs Mr Black Killer Bongs Ripper Killer Bongs AK47

D-Lux Triple X 40cm Bong

These stylish D-Lux bongs not only look great, but produce a cool and smooth smoke every time. Made from strong and durable acrylic, the D-Lux Triple X 40cm Bong is specially designed for regular use and features a sturdy metal base and drop-in cone for easy use.

Available in ultra-violet or black finishes, this bongs bubble water chamber and ice twist produce a cool and smooth smoke by filtering out most of the harmful carcinogens and cooling the smoke as it travels through the bong.

So if you want to smooth and efficient smoke, the D-Lux Triple X 40cm Bong is a great choice and at just £37.99, it’s a great price too!

 D-Lux Triple X 40cm Bong