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Chongz Sue Perkins Love Child 21cm Glass Bong

We, like so many others that we know just love glass, particularly when it comes in the shape and functionality of a bong and none come much better than Chongz products; and one in particular, the Sue Perkins Love Child is one of the most exciting on the market, themost exciting some would argue.

Traditionally blown, this glass bong illustrates some of the more exciting pieces of glassware and without any doubt at all, if you are into collecting glass, then you must surely add this to your collection.

The Chongz Sue Perkins Love Child has been primarily designed for the use of herbs, but it can definitely work just as well as a dab rig, this can be easily achieved by the addition of a 14mm male banger and “hey presto” you are ready to indulge and to dab away!

With the large water chamber, you can be sure that the smoke will be cooled in order for a very smooth, as well as big hit.

The demand for this exciting addition in the Chongz range has meant that the stock we have is limited, we suggest that you get yours now before the stock of this 21cm Glass wonder dries up completely.

Bongstar Wake & Bake Ceramic Mug

This is a really brilliant way to start your day, a nice cup of tea and a hit all at the same time, thanks to the Wake & Bake Ceramic Mug by Bongstar!

Yes it’s true the picture does show a mug which is made from heat resistant ceramic, from which you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. But, more significantly it also allows you to enjoy a smoke thanks to the built-in stem with bowl and mouthpiece integrated into the handle of the mug; sip your beverage and take a draw of your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture!

Currently the Bongstar Wake and Bake Ceramic Mug is offered at our web pages in four attractive colours; Black, Blue, Green or Yellow. At only £14.99 this unique mug come bong will make someone a perfect gift. Can we suggest that you get one for yourself, or a special friend whilst the beverage is still hot!

Chongz ‘Clown Foot’ 27cm Bong

We are proud and very excited to display on our web site, the latest bong from premium maker Chongz; the Clown Foot 27 cm Bong.

At first sight you could be deceived by the look of it but, beware it is a big hitter amongst serious smokers. With the ingenious design you are sure to get, what can only be described as a huge heavy hit. The smoke chamber is big, this means that you will get the very most from your herbs or tobacco, and with the flat bottom, you can be sure that it will not accidentally fall over.

Along with many of the products from Chongz, this bong is manufactured using premium glass; the percolator ensures that he water is bubbling and cooling the smoke giving the users a cool smooth tasty hit. Chongz experience has enabled them to shape the stem in a way that makes it perfect for any herbal vaporizer, providing it has the right attachment.

For such an impressive premium glass product, you might expect to pay a lot more than the offer on our web pages of £59.99 but, we believe that not only will you, or your friends, enjoy a great hit, “weighing in” at 808g surely the 140mm (w) x 270mm (h) x 130mm (d) Chongz Clown Foot Bong deserves to be displayed in a prominent place too!

Fat Silicone Bong with Glass Percolator

If you are a person who, shall we say, has the misfortune to seem to have recurring accidents when it comes to delicate glass pieces, then this Fat Silicone Bong is just the thing for you!

Although it is has a removable silicone base and mouthpiece, glass percolator and a glass stem and bowl, this in no way detracts from the quality of the hit it will deliver, when you are enjoying your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture.

The Fat Silicone Bong is easily cleaned, essential as we know for delivering an untainted cool smoke, because each piece is detachable, maintaining and cleaning your bong is simple and easy.  We are currently offering this bong in a number of attractive colours; Camouflage, Green and Blue, Orange and Blue and a favourite with many Rasta.

All of these choices are featured on our web pages and we offer these all at £52.99 and the box includes: 1x Silicone Base, 1x Silicone Mouthpiece, 1x Glass Percolator, 1x 8cm Glass Stem (14.5mm Female) and a Glass Handle Bowl (14.5mm Male);  assembled the Fat Silicone Bong with Glass Percolator measures up at 38cm tall.

Visit the web site and make your choice of bong and forget those little moments when your favourite glass piece fell to the floor and ruined what otherwise was a very nice day!

Chongz ‘Antinature’ 30cm Acrylic Bong – The Perfect Travel Companion

We know that acrylic was not around over 2400 years ago when the first bongs came upon the scene, but we do know that this traditional water pipe allows the user to enjoy their favourite tobacco or herbal product.  Water when used in this way, catches heavier particles and water-soluble molecules, preventing them from entering the user’s airways, giving a better, as well a cooler smoke.

By using strong and durable acrylic, together with a usefully designed rubber base, careless smokers will not damage or break the bong, which an expensive glass water pipe could suffer if knocked off the table, so perfect for sharing with friends.

The Chongz Acrylic Bong will hold plenty of water, has the benefit of ice notches down the neck which, when filled up with ice cubes, provides that cool smoke that we all enjoy. The stem and bowl are removable which makes it easy to clean as well as transport, being made from acrylic, this water pipes has to be amongst the most practical, easy to use and long-lasting devices for the casual water pipes user.

The colour s may vary from the picture shown on our website page, but offers great value priced at just £14.99.

Jaxx USA ‘Dark Baker’ 18.8mm Bong Bowl

You might be forgiven, if you walked into a friend and saw this Jaxx USA ‘Dark Baker’ 18.8mm Bowl sitting on the table, that you had been transported back into “Star Wars” because this “Darth Vader” lookalike is what you would see there. As Star Wars aficionados know, Darth Vader was once a very heroic Jedi Knight, which was of course, before he was seduced to the “dark side” of The Force!

However, you could relax whilst enjoying a cool smoke using the Dark Baker 18.8mm Bowl, imagining yourself taking part in the battles of “Humanoids” “Droids” and others!  The Dark Baker bowl is designed to fit onto any or down-stem with a 18.8mm female ground glass attachment, just the thing to carry around to friends, or when planning a smoking party.

Jaxx products are highly regarded, of the best quality and made in America, using only borosilicate glass, which means that they will be safe form stress and heat and with not suffer from accidental small knocks. The Dark Baker shown is an example of the precision used in the cut glass which has come to symbolise the company and is offered by us now at just £9.99, get yours now, before “Luke Skywalker” gets his hands on him.

The 19cm Dr Death by Chongz Glass Bong – A compact bong with a smooth hit

Introducing the ‘A-Punk’ 19cm Glass Bong from Dr Death by Chongz!  Now we have irrefutable evidence that this is a great crowd pleaser, we sell out of them so quickly!

This is now the smallest in a great range of smoking devices from Chongz and features a beaker style glass bong, which is not only sleek and sophisticated, it also performs as you we have come to expect any Chongz bong. Naturally it features ice twist notches; this enables us to add ice cubes for that extra cool hit when we enjoy our relaxing smoke. The bowl and mouthpiece of this bong comes in a glossy blue colourway and displays the iconic Dr Death by Chongz branding.

Small at just 19cm high, it still is capable of giving a big “hit” and has the added advantage that it does not take up too much room when not in use.

We offer this iconic bong at just £19.99, little wonder it simply flies out from our stock rooms.

Keep your bong safe with the ROOR Hemp Bong Bag

Our bongs are very precious to us, which is why when we have enjoyed the pleasure of using one we carefully clean it and put it away, this may be in a drawer, or it could be that we proudly display on a shelf or sideboard.

When we travel to a friends, or go on holiday, our precious glass bong, down pipes and bowls need to be protected until we reach our destination. ROOR made famous by German glass-blower Martin Birzle, have come up with a Hemp Bong Bag that will fit the bill perfectly. Made of soft hemp and cotton with black nylon interior, this carrying case is fully padded to protect your glass pipe when not in use. It also features a Velcro pocket on the outside and on the inside you will find a clever removable Velcro holder designed to hold all of the essentials such as down pipes and bowls.

The ROOR Hemp bong Bag features an adjustable shoulder strap, side zip, drawstring top, all this in a convenient weight of just 780g, and measuring 190mm (w) x 650mm (h) x 190mm (d) making it ideal for use with a Bong to 60cm tall and with a diameter of up to 23cm.

Keep your Bong and accessories safe and protected for just £59.99.

Scorpion King Heavy Glass Bong

These Scorpion King Heavy Glass Bong are one of the latest additions to the Shiva catalogue and we absolutely love them. Measuring 23cms high, these heavy glass bongs are prefect for beginners and experts alike and are a cost effective way to enjoy your favourite herbal blends.

Available in 2 colours, green and purple, the Scorpion King heavy glass bongs are embossed with scorpions on the base and a decorative pipe, making them not only smoke great but look great too. At just £9.99 each, these bongs are ideal for those looking to start using bongs and experienced smokers who want to add to their collections.

To keep you Scorpion King glass bong in tip-top condition, we recommend using bong cleaners and pipe cleaners to clean and odourise your bong after heavy use.

Chongz ’16 Baby 16′ Double Bubble Lizard Acrylic Waterpipe

The Chongz ’16 Baby 16′ Double Bubble Lizard Acrylic Waterpipe is one of our top sellers and with good reason. This 40cm tall bong is made from sturdy acrylic and is finished in a transparent brown colour with the famous Chongz logo and lizard motifs.

The Chongz ’16 Baby 16′ Double Bubble Lizard Acrylic Waterpipe features a removable bowl and downstem, rubber grommet to keep the stem sturdily in place and a removable bong base for easy cleaning.

The double bubble design allows user to fill the waterpipe with ice, providing an even cooler, smoother smoke.

Hurry, the Chongz ’16 Baby 16′ Double Bubble Lizard Acrylic Waterpipe won’t stay in stock for long, especially at just £17.99.