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Better-Bat Cigarette Pipe

From the makers of Eject-A-Bowl comes this very nifty disguise pipe, the Better-Bat Cigarette Pipe. As the name suggests, this pipe looks like an ordinary cigarette so no-one will know your having a sneaky hit.

Utilising the same technology as the Eject-A-Bowl, after you have used the Better-Bat Cigarette Pipe simply push the bottom up and all of the ash and debris is ejected ready for you to fill it up again with your favourite herbal blends, easy!

The Better-Bat Pipe is available in two lengths (6cm and 8cm) and is made from anodised aluminium for strength and durability; they are available now from just £8.49 each.


  • David Austin

    I would like to order a couple cases of these! How can I??

  • Effsix

    I’m sorry to say that we don’t wholesale or sell in items in bulk, we only sell the individual units. I’ve checked and we do currently have a few of the coloured ones in stock but not the ones that look like cigarettes.
    Shiva Team

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