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Basil Bush Liquid Filled Glass Pipe

At just £7.99 these attractive glass liquid-filled pipes come in four distinct colours, Blue, Green, Purple or Red. At this low price why not impress your friends by having two or more. But it is not just about the attractive look and colour of these pipes, ask any user and they will confirm that they really are a great smoke.

Of course, probably the first thing to strike anyone is the bright liquid which gives them their unique look, but this coloured liquid also holds the key to the cool smoke that you will experience when a fill of a favourite tobacco or herbal smoking mixture is enjoyed, it is the cooling effect of the liquid that is the secret.

To enjoy a really smooth cool smoke, put them in the frig for a while before use, you can also keep them stored in your frig when not in use, this way you are certain to keep them chilled for a refreshingly cool smoke. A word of caution here, do not freeze them as they will be permanently damaged.

So if you are looking for a new pipe, or are considering using one instead of cigarettes or vapes, can we suggest that the Liquid Filled Glass Pipe by Basil Bush might be just what you need to be seen as a trendy pipe user.

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