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On Balance SBS-200 Digital Scale with Silicone Bowl

Thanks to the clever container and lid which gives the scales protection for discrete storage when not in use. The silicone container is flexible and when unfolded makes a perfect bowl, a feature missing from other scales, which holds the herbs, plant extracts, or ingredients for cooking, ideal also for checking the weight of herbal medications.

The units of measurement are comprehensive and cover most requirements, these include: Grams, Ounces, Troy Ounces, Pennyweights, Carats and Grains. The units are always visible which is because the SPS 2oo has a backlit screen on the 61x19mm display. The scales provide the user with a “tare” function so the weight only of the material is displayed, without the need to first calculate the weight of the container being used.

The scales have a built in overload protection, a power saving auto-off function to ensure that the batteries are not being wasted. The scales use two AAA batteries which we include in the offer price. The On Balance digital weight has a scale of 0.01g and a maximum weight of 200g, and the scree in protected from accidental scratches and knocks by the transparent cover.

Although the On Balance SBS 200 digital scales may be small at only 123 mm x 72 mm x 19 mm, don’t be fooled, these scales are super precise and can hold up to 200g in weight, perfect for anyone needing to weigh small quantities.

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