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Atomic Glow in the Dark ‘Spider Web’ Glass Bong

The traditional water pipe, or bong, we know is over 2,400 years old and has always been a preferred way to enjoy our tobacco or herbal mixture. This is because the addition of water gives a much better, cooler smoke.

However, one thing that smokers did not have over 2,000 years ago; material which would glow in the dark. Naturally coming from Atomic we are ensured that the bong will be manufactured with strong and sturdy glass and will be engineered in fine detail, but it is the eye-catching Glow in the Dark spider web design, that is sure to be a talking point amongst friends.

The Atomic Glow in the Dark Spider Web Glass Bong measures up at 300mm tall, 155 in width and has a diameter of 140mm. But, it is the smoking properties that many will be looking for and we can say that this will always provide a cool satisfying smoke, thanks to the provision of notches down the neck of the bong, where it is possible to include ice. This will ensure that the user will always get cooler and fresher hits.

With an 11cm long 14mm female glass stem and a male 14mm glass handle bowl, the Atomic Glass Bong is easily separated to ensure easy cleaning, all that is required is for you to fill the bong with your favourite mixture, light up, draw the curtains and enjoy a cool smoke with an illuminated spider web!

Currently, our stocks of the Glow in the Dark Glass Bong are going quickly; secure yours at our web pages today for £32.99.

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