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Atomic Airtight Glass Storage Container

Ask any chef, or even your Mum, they will tell you that there is nothing that can compare with using fresh herbs in culinary dishes. But, even they will have the to admit that culinary herbs stored in one of the Atomic Airtight Glass Storage Containers, and used in their dishes will be as good as the fresh ones that they have previously used.

The very clever secret is that the a large proportion of air is removed from the jar after the herbs have been put into the jar, thanks to the innovative twin valve airflow system which forces the air out via the clever plunger style lid.

Manufactured from high quality 4mm glass, the Atomic Airtight Glass Storage Jars are generous in size, each container measures 93 mm tall, 65 mm wide and has a diameter of 54 mm. They are offered by us in four attractive colours, Black, Blue Green or Red and priced at just £7.9 each, considerably cheaper than buying fresh herbs and throwing out the ones that are not used on the day.  At this price a different coloured storage jar for the four most used herbs in your kitchen perhaps.

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