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Arc Flameless Lighter

This is really so simple and like many things it has been around before, but in a slightly different guise and we feel sure that many will have seen them. The gas cooker lighter is one example and although it is true that any of us would have witnessed or even remembered, the spark transmitter that was the forerunner of wireless telegraphy performed my Marconi as far back as 1895!

The beauty of this Arc Flameless Lighter is that it requires no butane or petrol; all that ii required is that the battery is charged from time to time. Another great plus is that it is completely windproof, so when you want to light up your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture, even a gale force wind will not deny you the pleasure!

Unlike some other similar lighters, the Arc Flameless Lighter features not a single but a powerful double purple plasma arc ensuring that the cigarette or cigar is lit quickly and evenly. Manufactured in long lasting, high grade, zinc alloy metal and offered by us it two attractive colours either Gun Metal or Icy Metallic, it is very simple to operate, just open the lid and press the button on the side.

Supplied complete with USB cable for charging, we would expect to have around 300 lights from a single charge of the long lasting batteries. the USB, and it is capable of being charged hundreds of times from any laptop USB Port, or any USB wall charger no butane, no flints, no lighter fuel!  We are currently offering both versions for only £29.99 a small price for a very low maintenance lighter.

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