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Al Fakher Molasses 200g

What to treat yourself to a taste sensation when using your shisha pipe? Then you need some Al Fakher Molasses. This nicotine and tobacco free molasses is specially formulated for use in shisha pipes and provides full impact flavour with every smoke.

Available in eight fantastic flavours including apple, strawberry, peach and orange, Al Fakher Molasses is perfect for just about any smoker. Each pack contains 200 grams of molasses so you’ll always have some at hand.

Al Fakher Molasses is available now for £10.99 each or two for £19.99: so what are you waiting for, get your shisha pipe out and start enjoying the taste sensation of Al Fakher Molasses today!

For those new to shisha pipe smoking, we stock a wide range of shisha pipes from single hose devices up to multi-hose pipes that are perfect for beginners and connoisseurs alike.

 Al Fakher Molasses 200g

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