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Accurate weighing is easy with the Chongz Rhino-Tuff Digital Pocket Scale

Users of these highly accurate digital scales have nothing to fear from the “Weights and Measures” Inspector,  unlike many unscrupulous traders in times gone by, when scales used brass weights  on balance scales, when the weight could have some of the brass shaved away, blatant cheating amounting to theft!

Powered by two AAA Batteries, the scales will, using modern technology so easily taken for granted today, using computer calculating for a precisely accurate and reliable reading. The Chongz Rhino-Tuff Digital Pocket Scale is very simple as well as being convenient to use and with a certified accuracy of 0.01g.

Digital scales now feature prominently in most commercial kitchens and it is easy to understand why, the sheer convenience of use!  The Chongz Rhino-Tuff features no less than six unit modes; g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, gn, a built in overload protection and for the busy, or forgetful user, an auto off feature to prevent the batteries being wasted.

We provide a 50g test weight, mini tongs, mini screwdriver, Android mobile phone cable and User Manual, on offer at our web pages for just £29.99.

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