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Bongstar Wake & Bake Ceramic Mug

This is a really brilliant way to start your day, a nice cup of tea and a hit all at the same time, thanks to the Wake & Bake Ceramic Mug by Bongstar!

Yes it’s true the picture does show a mug which is made from heat resistant ceramic, from which you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. But, more significantly it also allows you to enjoy a smoke thanks to the built-in stem with bowl and mouthpiece integrated into the handle of the mug; sip your beverage and take a draw of your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture!

Currently the Bongstar Wake and Bake Ceramic Mug is offered at our web pages in four attractive colours; Black, Blue, Green or Yellow. At only £14.99 this unique mug come bong will make someone a perfect gift. Can we suggest that you get one for yourself, or a special friend whilst the beverage is still hot!

Avert Carbon Lined Smell Absorbent Pocket Bag

When you are “out and about” and taking your tobacco or herbal mixture, the last thing that you would want is for it to become wet. The Avert Carbon Lined Smell Absorbent Pocket bag is manufactured using a PVC outer and is waterproof which will ensure that you precious material is kept dry.

However there is another feature to this carry bag is that it has an odour absorbing lining which means that smells from your material will not escape, and also tainting from strong smelling substances will not get in either! So you can now be sure that you have a secure dry place to store your smoking, or other materials.

The Avert Pocket bag comprises a premium odour-absorbing carbon lining with protective mesh, PVC waterproof outer material, a zipper that is both smell resistant and waterproof, is stylish and lockable.

Conveniently sized at Length: 140mm, Width: 115mm, we are now offering this at our webpages for only £15.99. Grab this top seller and be safe and secure when transporting your smoking essentials.

RAW Classic Skateboard Grip Tape

As our loyal customers will confirm, we are always very keen to offer interesting items on our web pages and we believe that this very strong and durable grip tape form RAW is a great addition for the enthusiastic skateboarder

For the many of you that have used any of the smoking accessories that this iconic America Company offers with be testimony enough. However, if not, we can say that not only will RAW Skateboard Grip Tape jazz up any of your boards to the envy of your friends, it will not break down like many other tapes we have seen.

Just as RAW manufacture with precision all of their products, the same can be said for this RAW Classic Skateboard Grip Tape, purely because of the super strong adhesive and tear-resistant top, rest assured, this grip tape will not come off.

With this tape you will be able to roll down the alleyways or skate parks safe in the knowledge that with the super strong adhesive and a tear-resistant top will not disintegrate or come off. We can confidently say that if you’re dressing up your new deck or re-wrapping your old one, this grip tape is perfect for you and is now offered at our web pages for just £27.99.

The perfect Christmas gift – Sativa Hemp Wallet

We are delighted with this Sativa Hemp Wallet, in the same way that we are with the all the other Sativa bags that we offer. It is widely acknowledged that Sativa Bags have quickly established themselves as being at the forefront of eco-friendly design and they are comfortable, durable, and eye catching as well as being environmentally friendly. Sativa is if course a

Practical and of course very stylish, this Sativa hemp wallet is manufactured from environmentally friendly organic hemp and cotton, this attractive wallet is strong, sturdy and highly durable, soft and strong. Sativa is a UK brand specialising in manufacturing environmentally friendly hemp bags, and has been now for over 20 years.  Always abiding by their core value of using sustainable resources, this combined with delivering function and style makes this, and other items in their range, a quality and unique product.

This practical and stylish design from Sativa is made of the finest organically-grown hemp/cotton, which is known to be sturdy and highly durable. Neat and pocket sized at 11cm wide and 10 cm high, when needed the front section of the wallet opens out to hold all your credit cards and opposite to these a two section compartment is secured by a neat zip for coins and other items.

Users love the well-made product as well as the card and note holder, which are snug fitting which does ensure that the cards and not do not inconveniently fall out! We are currently offering this quality product in three colours, Grey, Ice or Khaki, all at just £17.99.

Sativa Hemp Wallet with Chain

We could have a handbag or “man bag” but, if you are looking for something that is versatile, but at the same time classy as well as functional, then we think you will find that this hemp wallet will carry all your essential gear, credit cards, bank notes, coins, driving license or ID, and it can be secured to you with the neat chain, for extra security. What is more, because these wallets are made of hemp, they are eco-friendly, sustainable and built to last a lifetime!

Using one of these Sativa Hemp Wallets it will quickly become apparent that this hard wearing practical design is made of the finest organically-grown hemp/cotton mix/cotton. We know that the material is eco-friendly, but there is more; the material is strong, sturdy and highly durable, inside it features contains 6 separate sections for credit cards, not one but two slots for notes and compartments for change and photos, this really is a very functional wallet,  measuring up at 10cm wide and 13cm high.

Offered by us in two attractive colours, Grey or Plum, we can confirm that these hemp wallets are made to the same impeccable standard that we have come to expect from Sativa Bags and at just £23.99, they are very affordable and could make a perfect gift.